yoglabs - no one lives forever


word count - exactly 900 omg
pairings - there’s some implied honeyphos if you want it there
triggers - blood, violence, guns


took my own prompt because!!!! i do that sometimes!!! Yeah
I just wrote this while I was bored in spanish. I wanted to explore my super fun relationships in the Yoglabs AU!


"Lalna? Are you okay?"

With a grunt, Lalna propped himself up on his elbows. He blinked his eyes open, trying to focus on the floor beneath him. A smear of blood came into focus and he groaned, bringing his hand to his head. His elbow gave out underneath him and he collided with the floor again.

Hands grabbed him and pulled him up, propping him against the wall. His vision focused into the dark eyes of Honeydew.

"Jesus, Lalna!" he exclaimed, pushing hair out of the scientist’s face. "What the hell happened?!"

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to compensate for lack of updates heres a short yoglabs fic i wrote the other day

"Isn’t HE technically the fool, since he pranked me AFTER April 1?"


planned to have some content up today but time makes fools of us all.

see you tomorrow!

i’ll continue posting after spring break! thanks for waiting, guys!

meant to upload these yesterday LOL